Formula 1 is known as the worlds greatest 'traveling circus' and 2021 was possibly the most exciting season to date. 

The 2022 calendar consists of 23 races, in 21 countries, spanning 5 continents. 

New car design requirements will lead to more passing and harder racing throughout the field.

Whether your a lifelong fan or just getting into the sport, we aim to create a more immersive F1 experience for racing fans. Content during the week will keep you up to speed with team news and updates. 
The 30 minute pre-race show on Sunday will feature race previews, predictions, insights, segments, guest hosts, and more.

This show will be broadcasted on our website & on YouTube an hour before the race, as we aim to bring the circus to your home, laptop, phone, or however you'd like to tune in. 


updated 4/6/22

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